Bone Level vs tissue level implant

Bone level or Tissue Level..?

Tissue level vs Bone level implants is a discussion that goes back to the very DNA of implant dentistry. The original implant designed by Branemark was a bone level implant, intended to be submerged fully under the bone. Then the Tissue level design was proposed by Schroeder and IT, where the implant included a transmucosal colar. In this article, we investigate the wide spread belief that the use of Tissue Level implants reduces the risk for peri-implantitis. Fact or Myth?

The Implant Supracrestal Complex: a true “Cyborg” tissue!

The Implant Supracrestal Complex is a unifying concept in Implant Dentistry, where human tissue, mechanical components (implant, abutment, prosthesis) and bacteria are studied as one system. This way we can better understand the complex interactions that take place to determine health and disease and we can design more effective interventions to prevent and manage long term complications.