Guided immediacy: Master the New Norm in Implant Dentistry!

Immediacy is the new norm in Implant Dentistry! Flapless implant placement in the extraction socket combined with immediate provisional restoration is not only time efficient, but rather a minimally invasive treatment approach which can maintain the soft and hard tissue architecture and serve the patient with predictable long term success! With the proper evidence-based approach, Guided Immediacy could be a game changer in your practice either in the aesthetic zone or posterior! Master the art and Science of guided immediacy in the aesthetic zone and posterior, in this comprehensive course with hands-on in Hong Kong!

Mastering Peri-implantitis Surgery – Online

Designing surgical interventions for Peri-implantitis is a combination of art and science!  This course is all about practice and putting the science to work with advanced surgical skills!

Implants in the Aesthetic Zone – Online!

Prepare to navigate uncharted waters and master decision making in the Aesthetic Zone!
Learn what, how and when to manipulate bone and soft tissue for sustainable aesthetic outcomes!

mastering implant complications

Mastering Implant Complications!

When implant treatments go wrong, the cause of trouble is often hidden and the clinical findings can be misleading!
In this multidisciplinary online masterclass, you will learn how to find the real causes and how to design step-by-step the proper management strategies!

Implants in the Aesthetic Zone – Live Surgery and Hands-on!

Anterior maxilla is one of the most challenging sites for implant placement, as the local anatomy is most frequently compromised! Join a comprehensive 2-day hands-on Mastercourse, with a focus on decision making and a variety of techniques for the augmentation of the compromised bone and soft tissues, from immediate implants, ridge preservation to Guided Bone Regeneration and more!