“Immediacy” revisited: beyond the extraction socket!

dental implants placed in fresh extraction sockets were first documented more than 25 years ago, so one might wonder why “immediacy” took so long time to mature into the mainstream implantology. The progress of a scientific protocol however, is rarely a straight line to implementation. Perceived breakthroughs are often followed by backlash and enthusiasm can be at times interchangeable with periods of caution. In the end, technology is also a major catalyst to help a vision make it safe to the mainstream practice.
How did immediacy develop from the first “immediate” implants into the current modern concept as a workflow? Let’s take a closer look into a long and winding road!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Implant Dentistry!

With Artificial Intelligence entering every aspect of healthcare, the already increasingly digitized field of Implant Dentistry has become a testing ground for new tools. But what is in the core of this “artificial intelligence” revolution and how different is it really to what we have been doing so far in Implantology? In this article we discuss fundamentals of what machine learning is and is not, we will discuss the concepts of intelligence and artificial intelligence and applications in healthcare and implantology and we will see how these models are susceptible to mistakes just like every other tools developed for diagnostics